Digital, motorized thread inspection tool

Designed for production lines requiring
fast, accurate and reliable thread inspection

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The Digi Speed's motorized process and digital readout greatly reduces the amount of time needed to inspect a thread. Up to 4 times faster and without the carpal tunnel syndrome associated with a manual tool.

High quality, consistent inspections every time. The Digi Speed will let you increase throughput or free up man-hours for more productive tasks.

You could free up how many weekly man-hours with the Digi Speed?

Less errors

The Digi Speed's precise digital gauge performs accurate depth measurements with a tolerance of 0,02 mm. One-click wired or wireless transfer of data ensures an airtight documentation. Workers will enjoy the ergonomic advantages of a motorized tool and the adjustable torque means no accidental cutting of the thread as using battery driven screwdrivers can lead to.

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0.02 mm

Fewer interruptions

The Digi Speed is built from durable high quality components from leading German and Swiss manufactures and is designed specifically to meet the requirements of a professional workplace. It uses a high performance lithium battery with built-in electronic safeguards and is delivered with a spare battery and a charger to make sure it's always operational.

Digi Speed cross sectioned


Dimensions31 x 60 x 240 mm
Weight600 grams
Display resolution0.01 mm
Measuring accuracy+/- 0.025 mm
Thread sizeM3 to M22 (other sizes as option)
Measuring depth0- 55 mm with arbitrary extension
Variable torque8, 16, 24, 32 & 40 Ncm
Revolutions350 rpm
Data outputRS 232 opto with cable or RS 232 Wireless.

Power options

Lithium-ion battery, 3.7 V, 2600 mAh (no memory effect)

110-220V / 3.7V. Switch Mode supply.

The Digi Speed can be configured for both mm and inches